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In many pharmaceutical, chemical and textile processes, solvents are used as solvent mixtures or as water solution. Solvents must be recovered. TM.I.P. manufactures both batch and continuous distillation plants suitable for the above mentioned processes.
For the study and development of the distillation of complex mixtures, TM.I.P. uses the most updated calculation and simulation software. It is also possible to perform distillation tests at technological and research center, carrying out distillation of the mixtures on pilot units directly, before going on with the construction.

TM.I.P. manufactures plants at single, double and triple effects working under vaccum, atmospheric and high pressure, complete with the most modern automated control system.

TM.I.P. has high experience of distillation processes with several plants of the following mixtures:
Acetone - H2O, Methylene chloride - H2O, Ethyl Acetate - H2O, Ethyl Acetate - Ethanol - H2O, Isopropyl Alcohol - H2O, Ethanol - H2O, Triethylammine - H2O, Dimethylformammide - H2O (DMF - H2O), Isobuthanol - H2O, NH3 - H2O, Hexane - Toluene.

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