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TM.I.P. S.r.l. -  Termomeccanica Industrial Process is the society which, within the Termomeccanica Group, is responsible for the desing and construction of gas, liquid and sludge treatment plants from industrial processes.

TM.I.P. was founded towards the end of 2011 to incorporate the plant engineering and construction technology and know-how of the company C.M.G. founded in 1977.

TM.I.P. operates in the environmental protection and production sectors, making use of C.M.G. credentials in sinergy with the know-how and industrial experience of the Group.

The company is organized into two sections:


  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: designs and supplies plants for the treatment and recovery of industrial effluent liquids and gasses generated by industrial processes to comply with emissions limits and respect the environment.

  • PRODUCTION: designs and builds plants for the production of chemical products using the most advanced process technology.


The development of new products and the continual updating of engineering methods is assured by Research and Development activities. Thanks to an ongoing relationship with institutions of research and experimental technology, TM.I.P can develop and test new technologies carrying out laboratory tests and setting up pilot plants having continual access to the latest technical innovations. This aspect is fundamental to meeting market demands. It is this specialized know-how, the capacity to manage large-scale projects and an adequate financial profile supported by a significant bank presence among the group’s shareholders that make TM.I.P. the ideal partner in both private and public environmental project business ventures.